powerful guided meditations and high frequency soundbaths


Energy and Frequency to Optimize Your Health

It's a Perfect Companion to Our Audios

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The Resona Health VIBE Portable PEMF Device

A simple way to use energy and frequency to support your health with Pulsed ElectroMagentic Frequencies to balance and harmonize your body and mind.

  • Developed by a former NASA engineer
  • Has 59 unique protocols
  • Provides Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and Theta brainwave frequencies
  • Includes solfeggio frequencies
  • Safe and effective
  • Take your health into your own hands with this simple-to-use, rechargeable device

The Resona Health portable PEMF device is a wonderful way to care for yourself as you move forward on your path to wholeness. Tracy and Sylvia, the two women behind Sade Journeys each own a Resona and use it multiple times throughout the day. They’ve shared the Resona VIBE PEMF with both family and friends and the feedback was so overwhelming we’ve decided to offer it on this website – and with a huge discount!