We’ve formed a collaboration with Ben Browne cymatics to adorn everyday objects with the art of frequency capture.

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who is Sädé Journeys?

What is a soundbath?

“I have been bringing you to bed with me every night and haven’t slept this great in a while with no medication. You’re always so grounding. Your voice is soooo calming! It’s been probably 8 yrs since I slept without medication so that’s really huge for me!!!"😘❤️😴💤” N.S. Santa Rosa, CA

Sädé Journeys sound baths have been life changing for me. They are relaxing and have helped me release so much past hurts and pain.I feel like I have a better connection with my inner self and a better understanding of all my ancestors that came before me. I find the sound baths very freeing and grounding. It is an incredible journey to experience.” A.L. Santa Rosa, CA

audios to shift your mind and nurture your soul

We combine potent and beautiful Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls with carefully and lovingly written scripts  spoken by the angelic voice of your guide, Tracy Merriken to create the world’s finest guided journeys and high frequency soundbaths.