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  • Cozy and all tucked in, this guided meditation for sleep takes you into a beautiful wildflower meadow beneath the stars, surrounded by nature and completely safe in the surroundings. It is a peaceful time of self acceptance, reflection and comfort. Sweet dreams!
  • When we speak affirmations it begins to build a new foundation of our reality. Self confidence is something that makes the difference between merely dreaming and hoping, and seeing our goals and intentions through to realization. This track is recommended to be used for at least 21 days.
  • Self love is such a powerful thing, and it allows us to have love and compassion for others, as well as to make good decisions and take care of ourselves in all ways. These affirmations are written to go deep into what self love is all about, for it bypasses the ego and lifts everything[...]
  • This soundbath, like all other Sädé Journeys audios, has the music of Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls, which are exquisite and unlike anything else. Listen while doing homework, meditating or reflecting and visualizing the life experience you want to have. It is also companion to the Letting Go of Anger guided journey. Relax and enjoy!
  • This guided journey delves deep into the experience of anger. When we find ourselves unable to let go of anger we feel destabilized and separated from our personal power. This audio shares a clear path of how to let go of this powerful emotion so that we can again experience the joy of being present[...]
  • This is a shorter audio designed to be used anytime throughout the day when a refreshing "reset" might be helpful. You'll quickly travel to a place where you will connect with your own creativity and see yourself doing the things you love to do. This audio is a great way to "practice in the mind"[...]
  • Multitasking, scrolling through social media and our phones create a tremendous amount of connection - but also distraction. Close your eyes and listen to this audio and allow it to shift your mind to a crystal clarity and solid ability to focus on the task at hand. Listen often and you will see a difference[...]
  • When we unwind tension and anxiety we settle into a place of personal power and inner peace. With this we have the ability to really enjoy life, make good decisions and attract the things we want into our world. Breathe deep, let go and enjoy the freedom that true relaxation holds.
  • This beautiful and gentle soundbath can be played throughout the night at a low volume to settle the mind and body and invite a deep and restorative sleep. We've included it in our Teen Series to accompany the 'Beneath the Stars' guided journey. It is perfect for mid-day naps as well.

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