powerful guided meditations and high frequency soundbaths

In the realm of potential, of possibility, of emotion and creativity there is a master key

At Sädé Journeys we meet a listener right where they’re at, and bring them on a fun journey in the mind which goes to a place that is powerful and free.

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Our audios offer a deeply relaxing experience to our listeners by:

  • Decreasing stress and aligning the nervous system for all children, teens, and adults.
  • Offering healing audios that strengthen confidence, focus, esteem and ability to trust.
  • Imaginative adventures which include the Alchemy Crystal Sound Bowls’ grounding and calming frequencies.
  • Providing a guided path to those with trauma where they can let go and allow past wounds to resolve.
  • Supporting healing shifts to the physical, mental and spiritual aspects.
  • Helping old patterns and beliefs to melt away, and then new patterns and beliefs begin to form . . . inviting in more joy, laughter and love.


child series

Our guided journeys for children provide the perfect way to slow down and unleash the imagination. Safe, fun, creative and supportive, this series is a great replacement for screen time.

teen series

The teenage years are a time of exploration and testing the limits. Our audios for teens are there to provide an experience of the creative power of the imagination and to foster self love, self respect and self ownership.


The life of a first responder can be extremely stressful. This audio series is made to be a relaxing respite from the demands felt by those who give so much.

heartspace series

Unlock the power of love and compassion with this series of audios created to align you with the refreshment and upliftment of connecting with the NOW moment and all the grace that is within

the great abundance series

The frequency of abundance governs not only material wealth but emotional resources, kindness, gratitude and hope. Enjoy this series that includes guided meditations, subliminal embedded soundbaths and affirmations.

reset series

The pace of our lives can be at times unrelenting and overwhelming. The Reset Series is a nourishing break where you can connect with your inner resources and remember all that you are as you move into the person you are to become.

sleep series

A deep and refreshing sleep can make all the difference in productivity, peace of mind and the ability to adapt and problems solve. This series contains not only a wonderul guided journey, but a special soundbath – all designed to call in a blissful and restful slumber.

freedom from fear series

Fear shows its face in many forms: a constant low-level anxiety, insomnia, the inability to form close relationships and panic attacks – to name a few. This series is a potent toolkit for those struggling with unmanageable fear, and shares a path to freedom.

power of a smile series

Did you know that the simple act of smiling can instantly change your perception? The playful and seriously fun Power of a Smile series is a way to adjust your attitude and easily turn that frown upside down.

bonus audios

This is where we add new audios that are stand-alone and as we release audios that are not yet part of a series. 

“I have been bringing you to bed with me every night and haven’t slept this great in a while with no medication. You’re always so grounding. Your voice is soooo calming! It’s been probably 8 yrs since I slept without medication so that’s really huge for me!!!"😘❤️😴💤” N.S. Santa Rosa, CA

Sädé Journeys sound baths have been life changing for me. They are relaxing and have helped me release so much past hurts and pain.I feel like I have a better connection with my inner self and a better understanding of all my ancestors that came before me. I find the sound baths very freeing and grounding. It is an incredible journey to experience.” A.L. Santa Rosa, CA

audios to shift your mind and nurture your soul

We combine potent and beautiful Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls with carefully and lovingly written scripts  spoken by the angelic voice of your guide, Tracy Merriken to create the world’s finest guided journeys and high frequency soundbaths.